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Break the bank and win big

There are some players who, after each  spin of the ivory ball in the roulette wheel, increase the amount of their bets on the green cloth. These are not the players that casinos fear. Indeed, casinos are well aware that these players - after two or three unlucky spins in which they lose everything - will have to leave the table. By contrast, casinos are concerned by those players who bet very small sums. Some of them may be able to start with just a coin and win a thousand in the evening, and do the same the day after.

The Paroli

How do they manage to achieve such a great performance? Very simple - they study the various strategies that could be used at a roulette table. Do you know the “Paroli”? It is a very effective system. It requires you - after a winning spin - to place the same type of bet during the following spin - but you will have to wager the initial sum plus what you have won. Let us analyse this strategy in the long run, in cases where series of the same outcome are frequent and when one bets on even chances.

Bet a chip and play as much as possible. In the case of a loss, you will never lose a big sum - only your initial bet of one chip, which generally corresponds to a sum between £2 and £5, depending on the casino. Moreover, given the small risk, nothing prevents you from trying again so that you will quickly recover your loss. By contrast, when you win, you will win really big. This is what you may win after a series of winning spins.

5 rounds 31 chips won
6 rounds 63 chips won
7 rounds 127 chips won
8 rounds 255 chips won
9 rounds 511 chips won
10 rounds 1023 chips won
11 rounds 2023 chips won

There is one important thing to keep in mind. On the eleventh round, when you follow this strategy, you will be supposed to bet 1024 chips. Most casinos set a maximum limit of 1000 times the minimum bet. Thus, during the eleventh spin, you wil have to withdraw 24 chips from the game table. If you want to continue, during the twelfth round you will not be able to use 1000 ships. And so on.

The interest in the method

It is quite easy to understand why players who use this strategy frighten casinos worldwide. With a very small sum - just a chip is sufficient - and after a long series of winning spins, it is possible to win a very large amount of money. Since the initial bet is small, you will get the chance to wait for this long series and with a bit of daring and courage - it is sufficient not to stop after four or five winning rounds - you will be able to break the bank with ten consecutive winning spins. If pursuing this sort of extreme strategy is not your type of thing, however, you can just try to look for series of five consecutive winning rounds - such series tend to occur more often.